QNet is a big scam!

QNet is a big scam!

QNet is a big scam! I was the recent victim of this but due to my great timing of asking for refund I FINALLY got my MONEY BACK and also benefit of 1400Rs! Yes, its true guys.. let me tell you the whole story. So it all started with the Tesla Car picture that my Friend (NOT NOW) uploaded as a whatsapp story on 26 JUNE when I asked if that’s the car that he bought? He said no this is the Car of one of his senior business partner in Dubai. Since a couple of months he was flooding his Facebook Timeline with pictures in Hotels like Shangrila, having coffee in Royal Plaza, the same guy that doesn’t even give full contribution for group parties back in last year.

I was amazed and got curious to know what kind of business he was in. He said its a Global Business Development Big Project. I asked how did he got into this Business? He said I searched and god gave me this amazing opportunity and he was so lucky to have it(he’s totally in debt lol). He said that business is giving him lots of money etc that job can never do, though he also works. Next day I went to meet him and asked whats the plan and process etc. He did not single time Mentioned the name of QNet and keep telling his boring life story of how he was in so trouble financially and after coming in this business his life is changed. After 3 days he called me and asked weather I would like to go for an interview that he will arrange with one of his Senior(Sir) (CHUTIYA) you can say, a better chutiya than my friend who can make a better Chutiya of you. After all that’s what all they are trained for.

SO first I was asked to come in The Lalit Hotel and there I met this lady who asked me what I did and what I know about business. It went good. Then she also started boasting about how this business has changed her life and she has created a fortune for her and her son and that her son will never have to worry about his future blah blah,.. they have so much money. When I asked her since how long she has been in this business she said One Year(wtf), there I suspected something wrong. Well, Later I Went in the dinning area of the hotel for my second meeting. This guy eated my brain out. He didn’t tell me a fkin thing about company and Business. Later told me about the Startup Capital of Rs 2.5 lakh. He said that its not an investment and its the startup cost and the money will be used for generating my Business License, Gst, and 260+ Companies Inventory that I will get access to, Yes He said that the business is Expanded in 160+ Countries with 260+ companies.

Later the meeting ended and I went to meet my friend he asked how did I liked the Senior Sir, how was his personality etc. Later He gave me treat in Dominoes. Next day he called me and in excitement told me that I am very lucky because I have been selected for the position. Asked me to gave photos of my Docs like pancard passport etc for the verification. I Still had no clue what the business was about, but I gave hoping that he’s my friend and I trust him. That’s the thing they gain the profit for our trust in them. When I asked how did you gave the Required Capital he said he took loan of one lakh Rs and asked 50000 from his dad and 50000 form his relatives. His job gives him only 14000 rs that too on contractual basis. I was asked to deposit the money in my friend bank account. But I did not had that much money, so I asked my dad for the money and told him about this and by researching the Facebook profiles of senior partners and how they are living their life, traveling, expensive things they own (they all are in debt and the fact that all their trips are self sponsored).

However, my father got ready to give me money because of his trust in me for this business. So all this took one month, I was hoping that my life was going to change and stuff. On 26 July I transferred the amount in my friends account. And then he called next day and asked to be ready for my first session of training that is the welcome session and before that finance. So I got a call on 29 july from an Upline (he was the person that made my friend chutiya) and i was asked to come in CCD in cp. In this janpath area CCD you can always found these scamers all day here and there busy in making people chutiya all time and the senior that you will hear about also found there roaming but when they meet they say that they are always busy. So he said that his senior mam is coming and that shes very down to earth but when it comes to work shes a bit strict.

Later she came and told me about the finance that the money I gave them will be converted into BV etc. and how much I can earn in this business. She told me somewhat around 5 crores in less than 5 years so this session ended and I was asked to reach for the welcome session in East of Kailash with my Firend in Hotel Colaba. These bastards even take money as the session entry fees of Rs250, my friend gave the money. And before the actual person came to take the session a chuitiya keep boasting about him how he is such a big person how he is like a father for him and he made fortune out of this business etc. the guy came and started talking about his made up stories how he was in merchant navy and was earing in lakhs and left that job for this business etc. and asked us to write 20 dreams that we have, for the next Session they call ‘’SYSTEM’’. System session is usually organized in Big auditoriums. In Delhi it helds every Sunday in Civic Centre.

These Chutiya people even charge for this session Rs250 for the entry. When I entered the auditorium everyone was dancing madly, it was total madness. I asked my friend what all these people are doing? He said they all are happy that they have reached there. According to me all these people were trying to divert their mind from the wrong step that they took by leaving their job and going up for a loan and investing in this business and how they are now in big debt. The Auditorium was house full, there were around 400 people maybe more. Later in that session also came a overrated girl that made fortune out of this business in just three years. She came with people walking around here as if she was celeb. That fat ass girl was the mastermind of all. She started boasting about her story how she struggled through her job life and stuff and how her friend asked her if she wanted to join business. Then she started showing the things she Owned like her picture In Audi and How she has booked Mercedes and Rangerover Discovery just form her last two cheques and that she has gifted her brother his own Resturant and rolex she owns and bakchodi etc.

All this in just three years (kya level ka chutiya bana rahe ho) as if they are business tycoons. Session ended and my friend introduced me to some people that greeted me and said welcome to the family and stuff. I saw all the senors that I had met so far the process. We went down and my friend gave me the book that I was asked to ready by tomorrow because in tomorrow meeting I will be asked questions from that book(The parable of the pipeline) and also they will ask you to see the “secret of LAW OF ATTRACTION” video on youtube. Next day 31 July was the day I was asked to come again in the same CCD when I was finally introduced to the company name Qnet. Same lady came and told me about how you will find the negative stuff about the company on the internet about Qnet.

And how so many complaints are filled against the company owner Vijay Eswaran, but not yet proved. They will only show you the positive fake posts about the company how this company is coming in great events around the world like some football player with tshirt with Qnet name on it, awards etc blah blah. Then I was asked to sign the BOND in which my friends name was mentioned and my name was mentioned and also that my friend has not forced me to come in business and that i am coming from my own will.. the products that I am going to buy that I didn’t know about. When I asked what products am i gonna buy? the lady said it could be anything like the watch that my friend wears. The section where how much my money is used in the process and where was held blank and I was told to sing the paper and my thumb impression as well. I was not feeling good when I was leaving ccd that time. In my mind only single word was roaming and that was SCAM! I Searched on google about Qnet and was shocked to see all posts and news about how Qnet is scam etc. I was blank!..I immediatey called my friend and asked him to stop the process right now and that I want my money back as soon as possible. I was feeling like punching him right in the face that time. A whatssapp group was created for me, there also I dropped msgs that “ Do not make any purchase from my money” and to stop the process immediately. Next day my friend told me to go and meet his senior and tell him whatever I was feeling about not continuing in the business, had I not told them to stop the process they would have made the purchase from my money by next two days. Next day I went and told them everything right on their face and they agreed to refund my money in seven days, just be straightforward.(also i had the voice recordings of each and every meeting with them for the safe side) So the process actually took 15 days as I got my cheque from my friend on 12 august and it was cleared on 16 august. I request you to not signup for any this kind of ponzi scheme.

When I saw my friend account balance there was only 9000Rs in his account I don’t know how he manages to keep up this lavish life he fake and where is all the money that he had earned so far that he always boasts about. He is completely in debt right now and is afraid that I might tell other fellow friends about what he did and that his repo will spoil. He lost my trust and I do not consider him friend anymore. I enjoyed the free CCD cold coffee because in every meeting they asked me weather I would like to have something and I always said yes 😀 so if you look at the numbers I got my 2,50,000 back plus 200Rs of beverages I got in every meeting and I went in almost 7 meetings so 2,50,000+1400Rs =2,55,400. I looted Qnet, haha, bye.

Ref: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-make-my-friend-realize-that-QNET-is-a-not-a-scam-qnet

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